Masjid Alsalam

Alsalam is peace in Arabic and we are meant to spread peace!.

About us.


To build strong Muslim community by providing diffrent services the commuinty needs.

Peace Mosque-

Peace Mosque Islamic Centre – serving the Niagara Falls Muslim community located at 6735 Caledonia Street Niagara Ontario L2G 5A6 We are pleased to deliver best of education to Muslim youths and honored to be part of this mission. Education is the corner stone of Islamic Architecture. With Outstanding teaching methodologies Allah willing we will succeed in helping out youth and prepare them for w better future in this beautiful and peaceful country Canada. Do you know where your donation will go? Your donation goes to Masjid Maintenance and Community help, Keeping Peace Mosque Islamic Centre run To Keep all theses programs runing, we need your support by single click here.

Youth programs at Peace Mosque Islamic Centre have always been a strong tool for the Muslim youth to use in order to better the character and strengthen their bond amongst themselves. Our goal is to create the "ideal Muslim." We hope to achieve this through our programs which strive to nurture a sense of the following:

Belief: Love for Allah (swt), Islamic Understanding, and Pride in Islam

Self: Prophetic Character, Leadership, and Pursuit of Knowledge

Community: Sense of Ummah, Outreach, Service, Family, and Attachment to Masjid.